The Firehart Artwear brand is about celebrating Ourselves and the Earth – via the Elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Spirit and Stardust.

Creatively expressing this Miraculous Universe via Colour, Pattern, Mandalas, Sacred Geometry and Fractals – created with Digital Art, an intersection of Art and Technology.

Firehart cares about the earth. The entire clothing range is now made with RECYCLED material. The Firehart Jewellery and Firehart Lightcatchers are created with recycled perspex.

Around 25 plastic bottles go into one pair of leggings. The bottles are collected from beaches and natural places and spun into a recycled material, reducing landfill sites and turning trash into a beautiful useful treasure that will last. See articles in the Sustainability section for more info.

Our packaging boxes are handmade from recycled cardboard in Knysna at Wrap It (see more info here) and all Firehart products are locally produced in South Africa.

The original designs are created digitally by Debra (see more info here), and are printed onto Recycled ECO material , and then produced into a variety of clothing and other products, all made locally here in South Africa

Firehart Artwear is suitable for the Arty, Party, Sporty, and Yoga-y types, or for any beautiful people of most ages, shapes and sizes, who like to express themselves through colour, pattern, mandalas and original art.

Each Artwear item type consists of over 20 designs, so there is a huge variety to choose from.

The Midnight Mandala Range is more toned down – a plain black background (or any custom colour of your choice) with a mandala printed front and back. View the range here.


Click on sections below to see all 20+ designs of each range, for prices and to order online.


SHIRTS: T-shirts, Longsleeves & Vests




Click on images below to take you to all Artwear items in each range


Prints for sale on polyester material or block mounted or on board unmounted

To see more Artwork or to order prints, please click here


Firehart Lightcatchers are Firehart designed Mandalas, which catch the light as they are transparent and create a stained glass effect and are made from Recycled product.

Stunning to hang in a window or patio and are handmade by Dianne de Villiers, who does the beading and assembles the products with love. Support a pensioner by buying this handmade in South Africa product.

Please shop online for Firehart Lightcatchers here.


The Firehart Jewellery Range is also made with Recycled product.

Earings and Pendants with selected Firehart Mandalas make the perfect gift. Shop online for Firehart Earrings Here or also check out Firehart Pendants here.

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