FIREHART ARTIST, Debra de Villiers

“Vivid colour, nature, fantasy and magic inspire me, and I love the fluidity of painting with light and sacred geometry, expressing the fusion of art, technology and spirituality”.

I have always loved and had a passion for creative art. I studied painting and print making at the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg and then completed a 3 year diploma in Graphic Design at Wits Tech.

I worked for various design studios as a Graphic Designer, and finally at Sanctuary Records in London, designing record covers and artwork for musicians.

In 2005, I started my own freelance Graphic Design and Web Design company, Dimension Design, and have since travelled the world, working online as a freelance designer, designing for various clients in print and web, while gaining artistic inspiration from nature and cultures world wide.

The past few years I started focusing more on Digital Art as a fine art medium, combining hand painting on a touch screen I-pad with artwork created digitally. The 4 elements paintings and textures I created inspired the Firehart Artwear brand, but more on the Firehart Journey to come..

I have always loved beautiful, colourful clothing and jewellery, so the Firehart Artwear brand,  producing my art on clothing, jewellery and other products is  yet another way of expressing my creativity and combining things I am passionate about – Art, Design, Clothing, Jewellery and Eco Sustainability.

The name “Firehart”, came to me in a dream in the middle of the night, and represents the creative art fire we all have burning in our hearts.

The people whom I would like to thank the most are my amazing boyfriend, Shannon Harris and my wonderful family and friends – your love and support is priceless !

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