The Water’s Journey Artworks are inspired by Water’s physical journey through Ice, Lakes, Rain, Waterfalls, Rivers and Ocean. Each printed artwork is linked to a 1-minute animation which explores the qualities of these states of water, and also the spiritual / metaphysical message that each state of water has to teach us.
There is an affirmation at the end of the video which inspires us to embody the message and improve our lives for the better.

Sacred Geometry:
The image below is the main Water’s Journey image – which contains Metatrons cube sacred geometry shape, which contains all the Platonic solids, each of which pertain to one of the Elements. The Isodocahedron represents the Water Element, and has been used in each of the 6 elements artworks.

All prints below are available for order at various sizes, mounted, unmounted

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Art Prints / Cards:  
from R50 (A6) – R80 (A5) – R160 (A4) – R300 (A3)

( R40 each )
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Inspirational Card Deck (Water’s Journey)
Collect the first set of Element cards (fire coming soon…)
( R150 each for seat of 6xA6 cards )
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Artwear (Clothing):
– Ladies Dresses (R1133)
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– Mens Tshirts (R750)
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Various Products:
– Mousepads (R200)
– Mugs (R250) etc
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