Firehart Stickers come in the following collections:

Firehart Mandala Stickers


Firehart Sealife Stickers

Firehart Water’s Journey Stickers

Firehart Art Stickers can be stuck anywhere to brighten your life and bring life to certain objects. Buy some custom art stickers to brighten or personalise any item, great as gifts!

Firehart Stickers come in 2 round sizes (100mm and 65mm)
1) Transparent Firehart Stickers are brightening windows, windscreens (car license stickers)  and water bottles, all over the show !! (Best on Metallic, glass or light surfaces)
2) Non-transparent Stickers  – for sticking on your phone, or anywhere, including dark backgrounds

R20 for one sticker 65mm –   R40 Augmented Reality Stickers with video
R30 for one sticker 100mm – R50 Augmented Reality Stickers with video
R250 for 10x stickers (Mandala 100mm only)

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