Firehart Large Single Mandala Stickers


Firehart mandala stickers – 100mm – are transparent stickers
which have a stained glass effect when stuck on glass, or a metallic effect on metallic
Great for car license stickers, mirrors, windows, water bottles etc.

Please follow up your online order with an email of what sticker design/s you would like ie –
• 3x 3rd row 2nd sticker



Smaller mandala stickers in a tin with 26 transparent stickers with A-Z Affirmations (38mm) are available here !

If you would like a greater selection of mandala designs aside from this popular collection of these 9 mandalas,
or to choose your own affirmations
– please check out our Custom order page :

• for orders of a minimum of 10 stickers @ R25 each
• Choose from 26x different Mandala designs (with affirmations or just plain mandalas)
• with your choice of Affirmations from our set of 26 affirmations stickers – A-Z
• transparent or opaque, small (38mm) or large (100 mm)