Why are Eco Fabrics more expensive ?

Eco-fabrics are more expensive, low-impact dyes are more expensive, and manufacturing locally and in small quantities is also more expensive. Due to these factors, for a garment to produce any sort of profit for the designer, the price point may be higher, but our mother earth is worth the extra expense and paying more for [...]

The Solution to the Disadvantage of Polyester–Microfibres!

So what is the disadvantage of Recycled Plastic Polyester material? While there are some advantages to using polyester material, especially recycled material, unfortunately, the washing of all polyester clothing items released microfibers into the water supply! But luckily there are tips to minimize this, and solutions to prevent it – What are the solutions? • [...]

Advantages of Material made from Recycled Plastic

Well, the obvious advantage of recycling plastic to convert into material for clothing is that it reduces large-scale waste from entering oceans and landfill sites. Also, recycled material uses 50% less energy than is needed to manufacture virgin Polyester from scratch, 55% few carbon emissions are released and 20% less water is used, so using [...]

Wrap it Knysna

Firehart’s packaging is handmade buy a local Knysna company, Wrap It, who make custom boxes for all your needs. The boxes are made out of recycled [...]

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