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Eco-fabrics are more expensive, low-impact dyes are more expensive, and manufacturing locally and in small quantities is also more expensive. Due to these factors, for a garment to produce any sort of profit for the designer, the price point may be higher, but our mother earth is worth the extra expense and paying more for recycled eco fabrics and clothing.

Eco-fabrics also have much longer life spans than conventional fabrics, so you aren’t buying disposable clothing. Firehart designs are meant to be timeless – so designs won’t “go out of fashion” from year to year. In the end, spending a little more on a few beautiful eco-designer items, that will last, actually does save you money over always buying many cheaper new clothing items. Though you can’t beat 2nd hand clothes shopping, for eco and wallet value, one doesn’t always find those special items that express you and your personality, at the right time at the right place in second-hand shops. Firehart may be coloring the 2nd hand clothes shops in the future (printing inks don’t fade as they are part of the fabric) Items can also be returned for mending sewing that has come undone through use and wear.

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