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Miracles are performed by the essence of creation – LIGHT

“Light velocity is a mathematical standard or constant not because there is absolute value  in 186.300 miles a second, but because no material body, who’s mass increases with its velocity, can ever attain the velocity of light, This conception brings us to the law of miracles…

Masters who are able to materialize and dematerialise their bodies and other objects, and to move with the velocity of light, and to utilise the creative light rays in bringing into instant visibility any physical manifestation, have fulfilled the lawful condition – their mass is infinite…

The consciousness of a perfected yogi is effortlessly identified not with a narrow body but with universal structure.”

“The law of miracles is operable by any man who has realised that the essence of creation is Light. A master is able to employ his divine knowledge of light phenomena to project instantly into perceptible manifestation the ubiquitous light atoms. The actual form of the projection ( whatever it be: a tree, a medicine, a human body) is determined by the yogi’s wish and by his power of will and of visualisation.”

From the book ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ by Paramhansa Yogananda, the famous Yogi who brought Yoga from East to the West.

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